Claind is market leader in the manufacture and sale of gas generators.

All their main product development, manufacturing and administration activities are performed at their own site.Their products are marketed throughout Italy and the rest of the world via an extensive network of sales and service partners.

Claind’s offering includes:

  • Hydrogen generators
  • Nitrogen generators
  • Air generators and purifiers
  • More products

Whatever your area of industry, Claind gas generators represent a valid alternative to conventional sources of gas supply such as compressed and liquid gas cylinders.

Gas generators enable you to produce all the gas you need exactly where you need it, avoiding all the problems typically associated with conventional supply methods without any loss of efficiency. The most important benefits deriving from the use of gas generators include reduced cost, independence from external suppliers, improved safety and convenience.

The Claind product range consists of standard products for end users and OEM products for installation in third party machinery and plant.