Mid Range

Mid Range is a line of products essential for who have been experiencing the advantages of the Claind gas generators over the years and wants to continue this experience. The products a cost effective alternative for traditional GC applications to be operated in laboratory and in the field. The products are strong due to more than 20 years experience and continuous improvement of quality and recently restyled to be stronger and more reliable.


- Patented Multilayer electrolytic cell manufactured by Claind

- Hydrogen flows through a stainless steel desiccant cartridge which removes moisture avoiding pollutants to get in contact with the high purity hydrogendall’esterno

- No deionizer bags are needed and the operator does not need to replenish or add any electrolyte

- The generators are provided with safety alarms concerning:

  • Hydrogen leaks internal and external to the generator
  • Hydrogen overpressure
  • Low water level

Gas Chromatography

Product Line-Model Description Application  
Hydro 200 UHP Hydropgen Generator complete with safety alarms and friendly use. – Carrier Gas on GC with Detector FID, NPD, FPD, ECD, HWD/TCD – Fuel Gas on Detectors FID,NPD, FPD – ECD (Anode purge)  
NitroAir UHP Nitrogen and Air Generator with Built-in Air Compressor – Carrier Gas on GC with Detector FID, NPD, FPD, ECD, HWD/TCD – Combustion Gas on Detectors FID,NPD, FPD  



Hydro 200 Nitro Air