MS Noise

MS NOISE™ was created in 2005, and is focused on acoustic insulation in laboratories. 

MS Noise™ designs, produces and delivers solutions to reduce the noise generated by any kind of equipment in laboratories.

MS NOISE™ is the leading manufacturer of noise reduction enclosures for vacuum pumps, water chillers, water coolers, ultrasonic bath, compressors,nitrogen generators.

We provide also consultant services in the fields of noise, acoustic, sound and vibration.

MS Noise™ staff offers expertise in the fields of industrial noise, laboratory noise, mechanical noise, environmental noise, noise monitoring, and predictive modeling. 

Your satisfaction guaranteed is our policy !

Reducing noise to an acceptable, safe and comfortable level for people who works around traditionally noisy equipments is our target. 

For example, our range of enclosures provides noise reduction performance from - 15 db(A) up to - 20 db(A) for ultrasonic bath enclosure.

Performance is about 75% reduction in noise perception !