Gas chromatographic and column techniques, like On-Column injection, Quick-Fit column connections or any other critical gas chromatographic analysis, make it a necessity to cut a column extremely straight without cracked column walls or column blockage because of fused-silica particles. The Shortix Capillary Column Cutter is especially designed to allow everybody, independent from skill and experience level, to make the perfect cut. This is important because these errors, caused by non perfect column cuts, will result in poor chromatography, spikes in the chromatogram, leaking Quick-Fit connections, bad chromatographic reproducibility of retention times and peak broadening.


  • When traditional column cutters, like a diamond pen or a sapphire, are used, only a fraction of the column wall is scratched. The column is then broken off resulting in a partly cracked, thus damaged, column wall. The SGT Shortix Capillary Column Cutter rotates a diamond cutter around the whole column wall making a scratch all the way around the wall. The column is then broken off resulting in a perfectly straight column cut.
Tools Catalog 2015