TD Flash

The TDflash is a new pre-concentrating system for Gas Chromatography (GC) enabling thermal desorption of organic pollutants:

  • Its cryogenic adsorption trap enables light compounds detection such as Butane or Freons.
  • Being set up right on the GC injector, with no transfer line, it also allows heavy molecules detection: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH), Pentadecane and so on.

Functional specifications:

  • TDflash is a user friendly instrument, with control by touch screen computer.
  • Besides, desorption is really efficient, with no cross contamination and no memory effect: no COV signal on a second analysis of a given tube, and a recovery rate close to 100%.

 Technical specifications:

Absorbing tubes Glass 160 mm x 6 mm OD, filled with Tenax® TA 60/80
Detection limit 100 ppt
Desorption oven Aluminum, 50°C/min, 260°C max
Cryogenic trap Fused silica capillary tube 0.53 mm, 33°C/sec, 260°C max
Cooling Liquid Nitrogen, down to -190°C
Temperature stability +/- 1°C
Desorption flow 1 – 20 mL/min
Interface Touch screen
Power 230VAC / 50Hz
Maximum load 0.5kW
Control box dimensions (L x D x H) 290 x 300 x 270 mm
Control box weight 5.2 kg
Injector dimensions (L x D x H) 160 x 150 x 520 mm
Injector weight 5.1 kg


TD Flash Brochure