SilFlow micro-fluidics

SilFlow® - Improve Your GC Connectivity with SGE's stainless steel micro-fluidic platform

Today’s chromatographers need to move from tubing based flow systems to planar microchannel systems to deliver flexible chromatography solutions.SilFlowBR-cover-image

SilFlow® is an innovation in design and fabrication resulting in a highly efficient and reliable micro fluidic platform that improves your GC connectivity to enable maximum chromatography performance.

SilFlow microchannel device (MCD) options for 3 port GC splitters (allowing flow splitting options with three different configurations), 4 port GC splitters (offering similar configuration flexibility as the 3 port solution) and a Deans' switch MCD, are perfect for multidimensional analyses.

Click here to download the SilFlow brochure and view examples of application configurations.

Chemically Inert

• Enabled by SGE’s expertise in surface chemistry, SilFlow features chemically deactivated stainless steel channels avoiding active sites experienced with conventional connections.

• SilFlow can be incorporated into your system without impacting your chromatography.


Low Dead Volume Connections

• Conventional graphite or Vespel® ferrules cannot be used with the SilFlow MCD as the dimensional stability is not adequate and there is a risk of contaminating the channels.

• SilFlow specific SilTite® FingerTite metal ferrules result in a reliable zero dead volume connection, giving you optimized peak shapes.

Superb Operational Stability

SilFlow Technical Specifications:

• Pressure Capability - The SilFlow system can be operated at pressures greater than 25,000 psi (170,000 kPa).

• Thermal Lag - SilFlow tracks oven temperature up to 20 °C/min. The design of SilFlow alleviates cold spots and sample condensation.

• Maximum Temperature - No practical temperature limit. Limited only by the temperative rating of the GC column being used - ≤ 420 °C.


Easy to Install and Leak Free

SilFlow™ GC Deans' SwitchKits incorporate SilTite FingerTite fittings that are easy to set up and can be tightened using finger force to achieve a perfect, reliable seal, even for the most sensitive MS systems – no wrenches required!

SilFlow Kit Contents

• SilFlow microchannel device (MCD)
• SilTite FingerTite tool
• Mounting bracket
• Appropriately sized ferrules, nuts and blanking ferrules for set up

1.1 mm OD tubing is not supplied in the Splitter kits, and must be ordered separately (p/n 123755) if required.

Click here to view the available standard configurations.

Improve Your GC Connectivity.

SilFlow technology is broadly applicable to many areas in multidimensional and comprehensive chromatography – the applications are endless.

We can create custom micro fluidic systems to improve your specific connectivity requirements. Contact your local office today to discuss your SilFlow system needs.

SilFlow GC 3 Port Splitter

1.1 mm OD tubing is not supplied in the Splitter kits, and must be ordered separately (p/n 123755) if required.