puriFlash 4100

Ultra Performance Flash Purification 

Premium Flash / prep-LC system 

Lab Scale

. Flash columns up to F800 format
. Prep-LC columns up to 80mm id - 10 µm


puriFlash®4100 is a premium, easy to use Flash-Prep-LC system. It fully supports the UPFP concept by achieving accelerated throughput using 15µmpuriFlash® and up to 10µm prep-LC columns. It secure and guarantee your one shot purifications.


          UV 190 - 840 nm - (GO9630)
          puriFlash® ELSD - (FI0320)
          puriFlash® Mass Spec - (JO1020)
          RI - (FSQ600)
  Unit control
          Bar code reader - (GO2380)
          CCD camera
 - (GO2390)


          Backflush - (LO4290)
          Columns selection - (HO3160)
  Security solvent

          Solvent level sensor Global - (FSP720) or 
          Solvent level sensor separated - (FSP730)
          Safety solvent bottle caps - (DV2760)
          Security waste cap - (IO6930 or JO4500)


Column holder

          Stand Alone -(PF4530)

Open Access Lab

         10 columns sequential - (JO3750)

Fraction collector

          Drainage system of the tray collector - (DZ7790)
          Fume enclosure - (PF4350)
          Funnel rack set - (FJ4330)
puriFlash Interchim-PF XS 420 FP-puriFlashXS420-HD