The Scherzo family of columns is one of the most unique and versatile series of columns on the market today. These multi-mode columns utilize reversed phase, cation and anion exchange, as well as normal phase modes all on the same column, virtually eliminating the need for ion-pairing reagents. Ideal for the simultaneous analysis of polar and non-polar analytes from vitamins, to metabolomics saving time and resources.

  • Polar and non-polar retention in Reversed Phase conditions
  • Multi-level retention without ion-pairing reagents
  • Compatible with LC-MS
  • Most unique selectivity of any HPLC column on the market today
  • Wide range of method development possibilities
  • Can simultaneous optimize organic, buffer and pH gradients
  • Anion Exchange + Cation Exchange + Reversed Phase + Normal Phase
  • Low amount of strong ionic ligands, effective for strong ionic compounds

column typeColumn Type: Ion Exchange Normal Phase Reverse Phase
particle sizeParticle Size3 µ
pore sizePore Size13 nm
diameterInternal Diameter: 0.075-10.0mm

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