ProteCol™ HPLC Columns

Available Now - Expanded Range of ProteCol® HPLC Columns

• Flexible hardware options
• High quality phases
• Perfect match for all your separation needs

Turn imagination into results with the ProteCol range of HPLC columns.

With Reverse Phase, Normal Phase and Specialty Phases, ProteCol ensures you have the right phase for your separation needs. With the option of combining inert PEEK coated hardware or traditional stainless steel with each quality phase, the ProteCol HPLC solution delivers the combination you require.

ProteCol Reverse Phase

• ProteCol C18 offers a flexible range of C18 bonded phases including pH stability and pore size options.
• ProteCol C8 columns have pore sizes to suit your analysis.
• ProteCol C4 columns have high durability and extended acidic and alkaline resistance.
• ProteCol Phenyl Hexyl columns offer unique selectivity.
• ProteCol Polar.

ProteCol Normal Phase
• ProteCol Cyano, and Silica enable options for normal phase chromatography.

ProteCol Specialty Phase
• ProteCol HILIC range provides a polar stationary phase and highly organic mobile phase, allowing you to retain and separate polar analytes.
• ProteCol Chiral columns ensure the isolation and analysis of pure enantiomers.
• ProteCol PFP columns are useful in the separation of epimers.
• ProteCol Amino columns enable separation in both normal and reversed phase.
• ProteCol SCX columns have a high loading capacity and pressure limit.

ProteCol Ultra Phase
• Range of phases for UHPLC use.

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Part Number Lists

ProteCol Specialty Phase Part Numbers (Columns only - does not include Guards).

ProteCol Reversed Phase Part Numbers (Columns only - does not include Guards).

ProteCol Normal Phase Part Numbers (Columns only - does not include Guards).

ProteCol Ultra Part Numbers (Columns only - does not include Guards).


ProteCol® BioInert UHPLC Column Hardware

Smooth and Inert Glass Lining for Optimal UHPLC Bio Applications

  • Improved column performance for bio applications
  • Designed for continuous use at 20,000 psi (1,379 bar)
  • Demonstrate the performance of your phaseProteCol BioInert UHPLC Column Hardware

ProteCol BioInert UHPLC Column hardware provides the foundation for improved separations and analysis. With the advances in phase material and instruments becoming more sensitive and selective, ProteCol BioInert UHPLC Columns contribute to further improvements on performance.

Traditional UHPLC column hardware is made from stainless steel, with evidence the internal column hardware and frits can both influence the behavior of analytes with known metal chelating activity. The surface roughness also contributes to dispersion effects, resulting in lower performance.

ProteCol BioInert UHPLC Columns are glass lined, providing a tenfold improvement in smoothness and inertness, optimizing the performance of the analysis. 

  • ID configurations: 1.0 mm and 2.1 mm
  • Length configurations: 50 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm
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