ProteCol™ Trap & Guard Columns

Specifically designed for Capillary LC

Featuring an integrated column and connection design, ProteCol™ Trap and Guard Columns provide zero dead volume for superior Capillary LC performance. 

The ProteCol™ Trap Column utilizes flexible 1/32" PEEKsil™ tube ends for direct valve connection and allows on-line pre-concentration or desalting of a sample prior to injection onto the analytical column. 

Isolating chemical and particulate contaminants, the ProteCol™ Guard Column protects the integrity and assists longevity of the analytical column.

For Guard Columns, the integrated PEEKsil™  connecting tubing is 50mm long at the inlet and 12mm long at the outlet.  For Trap Columns both inlet and outlet are 70mm long.

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