CTC / LEAP PAL GC Syringes

Hamilton offers a wide range of quality syringe options for the PAL GC and Combi PAL (Headspace) GC Autosamplers.

S-Line syringes deliver exceptional performance for everyday use in GC autosampler injections at a great value. The C-Line syringe minimizes the potential for bent needles with a keyed flange design.

The latest generation of Hamilton autosampler syringes is recommended by CTC for use in the popular GC PAL systems:

  • PAL GC-xt
  • PAL COMBI-xt
  • PAL COMBI-xt extended

S-Line Syringes

S-Line syringes are the cost-effective choice for CTC PAL autosampler applications.  S-Line syringes deliver great performance in everyday use for GC injections at an exceptional value. Fast injection speeds in GC analyses put considerable stress on syringe plungers and, as plungers wear the stresses increase, leading to broken syringes and unnecessary downtime and wasted money when samples cannot be analyzed. Hamilton syringes employ a fitting process that precisely fits each plunger to the matching barrel. This produces a plunger with minimal drag force and optimal wear characteristics that results in superior up time for the autosampler.

C-Line Syringes

C-Line syringes incorporate several unique design features that ensure superior performance. An improperly installed syringe can cause mis-injections or bent needles due to poor alignment. The unique flange alignment design aids in installation and results in fewer bent needles while the plunger button can be adjusted to prevent plunger tip damage. An innovative direct attachment design of the needle to the barrel minimizes sample carryover.

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