CTC LEAP CombiPAL HD Headspace Syringes

Modern GC Headspace analysis requires injecting over large temperature ranges (e.g. ITEX analysis). Traditional headspace syringes come with a rubber O-ring sealed plunger which has a limited sealing performance at high temperatures.

Hamilton's NEW headspace syringe with its unique, high-temperature plunger tip, is specifically designed for the CTC CombiPAL autosampler system. The High Dynamic (HD) plunger has been optimized for higher throughput in headspace techniques. The HD design by Hamilton sets a new standard for headspace syringe performance.  

Hamilton's solution:

  • New sealing system based on a novel metal spring allows working with enhanced tightness
  • Excellent performance over a large temperature range and temperature gradients
  • Increased life-time compared to traditional headspace syringes
  • Increased accuracy and reproducibility of headspace GC analysis
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