Shimadzu AOC-14, AOC-17 and AOC-20 Syringes

Shimadzu GC Syringes

Transparent PixelHamilton offers a wide variety of syringes specifically designed for Shimadzu autosamplers that require 43 mm needle lengths as well as standard 51 mm lengths.

Sample introduction is a key aspect of any chromatographic system. The AOC-20i is able to inject samples into a variety of injection ports, as well as product reproducible results with a minimum of problems. The challenge in today’s laboratory is processing large sample numbers and various vial types in an automated fashion. The AOC-201 meets these challenges and enhances throughput to meet your productivity goals. The AOC-20s Autosampler carousel and robotic arm provide for sample transport to the AOC-20i using 1.0 mL and 4.0 mL vials. It can tell the difference between the vial types by reading the information from the vial tray in use. The AOC-20i/AOC-20s is a powerful automation tool for the GC laboratory that allows the user to take full advantage of the GC system’s capabilities.

Shimadzu AOC 9 Syringes

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