eVol XR digital analytical syringe

Every One an Expert

eVol® is a digitally controlled positive displacement dispensing system that can be programmed to reproducibly and accurately perform a wide variety of liquid handling procedures. Everyone becomes an expert.

eVol® will improve your laboratory workflow and reporting confidence in many ways.  

Key Benefits

• The programmable digital drive means liquid handling procedures are user-independent, allowing more efficient workflow scheduling and a reduction in the re-analysis of incorrectly processed or false positive samples.

• XCHANGE® analytical syringes can be easily and quickly changed allowing them to be dedicated to individual liquids, and methods, to prevent possible cross-contamination of reagents.

eVol XR


Available Now - New eVol® XR Digitally Controlled Syringe

Enables use of the new 1 mL eVol® syringe, increasing eVol’s dispensing volume range from 200 nL to 1 mL across 5 syringe capacities and expanding eVol applications in your laboratory.


eVol XR


Precise user-independent dispensing

Unlike air-displacement devices, eVol® is the perfect solution for accurately aspirating and dispensing both aqueous and non-aqueous liquids.

eVol® features a familiar Touch Wheel user interface and a full-color screen. The clever menu allows all the functions to be accessed logically and quickly. The programming functions are intuitive and include help screens and prompts.


World’s first user calibrated analytical syringe

To comply with your stringent laboratory standards (e.g. GLP, GMP, FDA) eVol® can be easily calibrated to ensure accurate dispensing at all times. The gravimetric calibration procedure is simple, intuitive and can be performed at appropriate intervals. Calibration factors can be stored for up to ten XCHANGE® syringes and can be quickly loaded when the syringe is changed.


Process Without eVol® With eVol® eVol® BENEFIT
Standard Preperation Standards prepared in a large volume flask. From this standard aliquots are individually dispensed into autosampler vials. Standards are made up directly in the vial, including the make up solvent. • Less glassware usage
• Reduces waste fluid
• Significant time saving
• Improved accuracy and reproducibility
Addidtion of Standards Small amounts of standard aspirated and dispensed into all samples before being transferred to an autosampler vial. One aspiration and a fast series of repeated accurate dispenses directly into vials. • Significant time saving
• Improved accuracy and reproducibility
Delivery of Standards Laboratory staff required to work in a fume hood with potentially hazardous materials, to prepare combinations of derivatization agents in open vials. Process completed with eVol® programmed to aspirate an amount of solvent or agent and then dispense aliquots into sealed vials.  Single handed operation.

• Improved operator safety, lower spill and splash risk
• Ergonomic benefits behind fume hood screen
• Improved accuracy and reproducibility
• Less glassware use
Serial dilutions Transfer of a small amount of solution to another container. Solvent added to achieve the required volume. This is repeated multiple times to obtain the required final accurate concentration. One aspiration of the solution can be dispensed directly into the solvent to achieve the required accurate concentration. • Complete workflow simplification
• Significant time savings
• Improved accuracy
• Less solvent required
• Less glassware used


eVol® MEPS™

The eVol® custom programming function enables MEPS™ (micro SPE) to be semi-automated and proofed before transition to fully automated platforms. Ask SGE for more information on how eVol® MEPS™ can improve your method development.  


Latest News

eVol® 2011 firmware features incorporated as a result of user feedback...

• A new slow aspirate and dispense “time moved” capability especially useful for titrations and reaction rate control
• Write Protect and Password Protect options suitable for Pharmaceutical Industry use and GLP or other regulatory requirements
• A new 100 μL syringe giving even more flexibility to simplify laboratory workflows
• Double the number of syringes, methods and custom programs that can be saved – 20 now possible
• Russian ‘help’ screens added to the languages already available - Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish
• Usability improvements including improved battery life indicators, and ‘save custom program’ prompts to prevent accidental loss of unsaved programs.

These features now available in all eVol®’s purchased.


Already have an eVol®? Update your eVol® to take advantage of the new features

• Return your eVol® handset to your local SGE office
• Include a purchase order number for part number OT03474

SGE will update your eVol® to 2011 firmware and return it to you within 2 weeks

*Please note all data including custom methods and programming, saved syringes, serial numbers, etc will not be retained when the firmware is upgraded.


Only three XCHANGE® syringes are required to dispense liquid volumes covering the range from 200 nL to 500 μL.


Syringe Capacity (μL) Volume Range (μL)
500 20-500
100 4-100
50 2-50
5 0.2-5


eVol® and eVol® NMR Automated Analytical Syringe Starter Kits

Part no.
0610013101 eVol® Classic Kit - Electronic Syringe starter Kit.
Kit includes unit, charger, stand, 3 syringes: 5µL, 50µL and 500µL
0611082061 eVol® NMR Kit - Electronic Syringe starter Kit.
Kit includes unit, charger, stand, 3 syringes: 5µL with 11.5cm needle, 50µL with 11.5cm and 18cm needles, and 500µL with 11.5cm and 18cm needles
0612052901 eVol® XR Kit - Electronic Syringe starter Kit.
Kit includes unit, charger, stand, 3 syringes: 5µL, 100µL and 1mL

eVol® Automated Analytical Syringe

Part no.
0611082055 eVol® Classic - Electronic Syringe (handle only)
0612052902 eVol® XR - Electronic Syringe (handle only)