GC Gas Purifiers

Gas purifiers are an essential part of your GC analysis.  Without the appropriate gas purifier, problems such as noisy baselines, moisture entering GC column, excessive bleed, reduced column lifetime and irreproducible results will occur.  These problems are created by hydrocarbons, moisture and oxygen in the carrier gases.

Advanced Gas Filter System

Advanced Gas Filter System

The Advanced Gas Filter System (AFS) has high capacity and efficiency levels for oxygen (850 cc, < 5 ppb), water (12 g, < 20 ppb) and hydrocarbons (8 g, < 5 ppb).  The recommended flow rate is < 1 L/min and 200 psi maximum operating pressure.

The two part system includes a small stainless steel manifold and a high capacity filter cartridge.  It can be attached to a laboratory wall or bench with the brackets included. 

Each connection in the AFS is made with two fluoro-elastomer seals.  The polycarbonate shield that surrounds the glass indicator section of the filter is sealed, so the gas flow is secure even if the glass is broken.

Part no.  Description  Fitting Size   
1034884 Advanced Gas Filter System 1/8"
1034886 Advanced Gas Filter System Replacement Cartridge 1/8" & 1/4"
1034888 Advanced Gas Filter System 1/4"


Individual Gas Purifier Selection 


Removes Moisture



Part no.  Description  Fitting Size  
103480 Moisture Trap 1/4"
103487 Moisture Trap 1/8"

The Moisture trap removes water from inert gases, air or hydrogen to less than 20 ppb at flow rates up to 2 L/min.  The trap has a capacity for water of 15 g.


Removes Organics



Part no.  Description  Fitting Size   
103481 Hydrocarbon Trap 1/4"
103488 Hydrocarbon Trap 1/8"

The Hydrocarbon trap removes C5 weight and heavier hydrocarbons from inert gases, air or hydrogen to low ppb levels.  It has an impervious outer stainless steel casing.


Removes Oxygen

Oxygen Trap


Part no.  Description  Fitting Size   
103482 Oxygen Trap 1/4"
103486 Oxygen Trap 1/8"

• Huge 2.5 L capacity; reduces O2 to low ppb levels.
• Advanced adsorbent technology.
• Outstanding efficiency in a small, high performance design.
• Recommended for GC/MS carrier gas.

Provides an extra large 2.5 L capacity for oxygen removal for long term purifications.  May be used in any application requiring zero-grade oxygen-free gas.


Indicating Oxygen Trap


Part no.  Description  Fitting Size   
103491 Indicating Oxygen Trap 1/8"
1034911 Indicating Oxygen Trap 1/4"

The Indicating O2 Trap is an improved, compact indicating filter for high-efficiency oxygen removal, suitable for use with chromatography carrier gas streams.  It removes oxygen to low-ppb levels, with an indicator that changes color from green to gray when adsorption capacity is depleted.  The adsorbent forms copper oxide in the presence of oxygen; no gas is generated.  The Indicating Oxygen Trap is recommended as a downstream indicator for high-capacity oxygen traps.  It can be used with non-oxidizing gases such as He, Ar, N2, H2 or CH4.  The adsorbents are held in a heavy-walled inner glass tube, shielded by an outer clear plastic tube for increased safety.  Maximum pressure is 6.8 bar (100 psig).  Approximate dimensions are 3.5 cm x 26 cm including fittings.


Packed Column Moisture Trap

Packed Column Moisture Trap


Part no.  Description  Fitting Size   
103495 Glass Moisture Trap 1/8"
1034951 Glass Moisture Trap 1/4"

These are gas filters for applications requiring high-efficiency moisture removal, with the benefit of a depletion indicator.  Up to 6 grams water is removed to low ppb levels.  The adsorbing materials are Molecular Sieve 5A and cobalt-free CoFree™ indicator, held in a sturdy glass tube.  The gas to be purified contacts only glass, metal and the adsorbents. 

CoFree™ changes color from orange to green at about 5% relative humidity to signal leaks in the system; the molecular sieve removes moisture to trace evels.  The glass tube is sealed with a special dual sealing system for extra protection from leaks.  An internal frit at each end prevents particulate contamination.  The inner glass tube is enclosed in a plastic outer tube for safety.  Dimensions: 3.5 cm x 26 cm, maximum pressure 6.8 bar (100 psig).