Micro Control Valves

SGE's microcontrol valves provide precision metering and on-off control of gas flows.  They are designed specifically for chromatography applications and may be used at elevated temperatures from high vacuum to medium pressure.

The valves are vacuum rated to a leak rate of 1 x 10-5 cc/sec of Helium except for BMCV and SMOV, which are not tested for this application.

For on/off control or metering of a single gas stream, choose an "L" configuration, i.e. BMCV; SMOV; or MOVP.

If the application requires diversion or splitting from the main stream of gas to another column or detector and so on, choose a "T" configuration, i.e. MOVPT.

NOTE: In valves of the "T" configuration, flow through the cross arms continues whether the valve is "open" or "closed".  Metering only occurs on the vertical arm.  The relative flows between the side arm and the vertical arm when the valve is opened will depend on the relative restriction in the flow lines downstream of the valve.

  • Minimal exposure to stainless steel

  • Fully swept flow path 

  • Replaceable graphitized Vespel® seat

  • Range of stem lengths where appropriate

  • Easy installation

  • Maintenance instructions, spare seals and seats are provided with each unit

  • Minimal dead volume



Brass Micro Control Valve (BMCV) - Manual Operation          

The BMCV-1 mini-valves are ideal for on-line microcontrol such as septum purge and non precision flow control. The valve accepts 1/16" OD flow lines.

The BMCV-1 can provide smooth flow metering up to 2 litre/min.


        Part No. 1236282

Part no.  Description  Connection  Temp  Vacuum Rated  Pressure Rating  Flow Rate  Valve Code   
1236282 L Single Outlet 1/16" 100°C No 700psi 0-2000mL/min BMCV-1



Stainless Steel Manual On/Off Valve (MOV) - Manual Operation          

The SMOV compact stainless steel on/off valve is ideal for use as an isolation/shut off valve.

          Part No. 1236283

Part no.  Description  Connection  Temp  Vacuum Rated  Pressure Rating  Flow Rate  Valve Code   
1236283 L Single Outlet 1/16" 100°C No 700psi n/a SMOV




On/Off valve  (MOVP) - Pneumatic Operation           

The MOVP and MOVPT valves have a similar design to the MOV and MOVT except the on/off function is actuated pneumatically.

They can be actuated remotely with a toggle switch or solenoid valve, and a 50-55 psi air supply.

        Part No. 1236103

Part no. Description Stem Length Connection Temp Vacuum Rated Pressure Rating Flow Rate Valve Code   
1236091 L Single Outlet 50mm 1/16" 300°C Yes 700psi n/a MOVP
1236103 T Dual Outlet 50mm 1/16" 300°C Yes 700psi n/a MOVPT
1236104 T Dual Outlet 100mm 1/16" 300°C Yes 700psi n/a MOVPT(L)


Re-order part numbers for replacement parts for Micro Control Valves

Part no.  Description  Pack Size   
072603 GFF16-16 Graphite Ferrules 10
072650 PSR16-16 PTFE Sealing Rings 20
072657 GVF16-16 Vespel Ferrules 10
1236101 Seal-seat removal tool  
123681 VSV-6 Vespel Valve Seat 5
123683 PEEK Valve seat for SMOV valves 5
123687 PTFE Seals for MOVP valves 2
123688 PTFE Seals for BMCV and MCV valves 2