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SGE's Liner Selection Tool is available now.Liner Inertness Chart


You can trust SGE's standard inlet liner deactivation

SGE currently tests every batch of inlet liners for activity using the EPA 8081B method. This standard method ensures that each batch of inlet liners has less than 3% Endrin breakdown. Now, SGE is validating this quality assurance by including a batch certificate with every pack.


SGE enhanced inlet liner range:

Do you know how to select the right inlet liner for your analysis?

Injection Port Liners

Choosing the right inlet liner and injection parameter can increase peak areas and reduce detection limits by up to 300 %1

Customer research conducted by SGE found that a significant number of GC users don’t understand the importance of inlet liner selection, nor how it contributes to their analysis. 

The enhanced SGE inlet liner range aims to make it simple for all gas chromatographers to select the right liner.

• Easy to choose - Color coded by geometry to simplify your selection.

• Easy to use - Contain o-rings so you’re ready to go.

• Confidence in your analysis - Certified deactivation gives you confidence in your analysis.

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Liner Tool

SGE's liner selection tool helps you select the right inlet liner for your analysis.

The tool also includes a handy Vapor Volume Calculator that checks if you are injecting too much for a particular liner.  It can help you avoid the ghost peaks, injector contamination, and quantitation errors associated with Flashback.

Download and run the file below to install the tool.

Liner-Selection-V6.exe Liner-Selection-V6.exe   11/25/2013 1:08 pm 647 kB


All SGE liners are deactivated with a high temperature (>400°C) gas phase reagent.

  1. Kende, A et al. Chromatographia, 2006; 63 (3/4): 181-7