800 series TEA

The Ellutia 800 Series TEA detectors are able to quickly identify and analyse N-Nitro, N-nitroso and Nitrogen containing compounds.  Application areas include explosives analysis and carcinogenic Nitrosamine testing.  Accessories such as the Thermosorb-n air sampling cartridge for monitoring airborne nitrosamines and the chemical stripping glassware system for total nitrosamine analysis provide further functionality.

  • Controllable by PC via USB or RS232
  • Pyrolyser temperature selectable from 250 to 700˚C for nitro or nitroso modes
  • Optional separate 850˚C catalytic pyrolyser for nitrogen mode
  • Can be interfaced to most common GC’s
  • Foot print of only 38 x 37 cm
Brochure 800 series TEA NDMA in Malt and Beer Chemical Stripping System