The FID STATION PLUS hydrogen and air generator uses the new and latest technology in polymer membrane (PEM) for the production of pure hydrogen. Ideal for use in gas chromatographic detectors such as:

  • Reagent gas for GC-ELCD / GC-HALL.

Its horizontal format allows positioning in over the laboratory bench while it provides you a support for set your GC, optimizing the space you need. Its 17cm–only-height guarantee the best access to the injectors of any GC in the market. Generator is equipped with an automatic loading of de-ionized water from a smart internal system tanks that give to the customer a 7litres ofwater  autonomy, it means that with a FID standard flow, the FID STATION PLUS can provide up to 7000 litres of H2 before the user refills it.

Moreover, the practical system of internal de-ionizing cartridge replacement greatly simplifies the only maintenance recommended. Generator is available in the usual flows of H2 production up to 600cc/min with a purity of 6.0 or 7.0. It is also available for all models, the Zero Air generator that provides 1.5lt of Zero Air with a contents of HC around 0.5ppm. It integrate, a filtration system HC-H2O air into the Hydrogen Generator Rack (oil-free compressor not included). The FID STATION PLUS is the best solution  for the GC-FID systems.

The system is available in the version: -H2 Generator -H2 Generator + Zero Air Generator in the same core unit and with the same dimensions.

FID Station brochure