ThermoFinnigan GC Syringes

ThermoFinnigan GC Syringes

Hamilton offers two quality syringe options for the ThermoFinnigan HS 250, HS 500, and HS 850, one quality syringe option for the AS 800 and AS 2000, and four quality syringe options for the AI 3000 and AS 3000 GC Autosamplers.

HS 250, HS 500 and HS 850 Syringes

AS 800 and AS 2000 Syringes

Improved lab productivity, from conventional to large sample volume injection. Optimized injection parameters for each sample type. Simple to install, setup and operate. Automatic internal standard calibration and “sandwich” technique. Complete local, remote and GC-keyboard programming.

AI 3000 and AS 3000 Syringes

The Thermo Scientific 3000 Series II of liquid sampling systems for gas chromatography represent the next evolution in GC liquid sampling automation. The 3000 Series II incorporate advanced micro-step motor technology, ensuring excellent precision and fine control of the sampling turret movements. This version complies with the latest restrictions on hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.


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