SGE Syringes

Diamond Headspace Syringes Give You New Limits

Higher Limits in Headspace Analysis

•    Outstanding reproducibility maintained during temperature cycling
•    Highest operating temperature available
•    Save time and improve analysis workflow

Until now, headspace syringes had the potential to perform poorly when used at high temperatures. Common problems experienced with headspace analyses due to poor syringe performance include: syringe plunger tips failing; leaking syringes; needles detaching; additional sample flushing required due to high syringe carryover; and worst of all, poor reproducibility of results.

Diamond Headspace Syringes -  the new standard in headspace syringes overcomes these problems.
The unique energized plunger tip design ensures a gas tight seal is consistently maintained providing the lowest syringe carryover and outstanding reproducibility.

Diamond Headspace syringes have the highest operating temperature, maintain performance up to 150 °C and continue to perform with temperature cycling resulting in increased headspace syringe lifetime.

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Diamond Headspace syringes are currently available for CTC Analytics GC autosamplers, and Thermo Scientific RSH GC Autosamplers in 1 mL and 2.5 mL.


SGE syringes have consistently been the choice of GC and LC equipment manufacturers for many years. They choose our products because their reputation depends on the performance of our components.

Our knowledge and expertise in liquid handling technologies has enabled us to design syringes for a vast variety of applications. However, all these products have two things in common; outstanding performance and superior quality.

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